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Adult Audio Story Books

Longer audio stories on MP3. Faith O’Shea’s addicting velvety voice winds the listener through fetishes and fantasy in nearly hour long erotic audio books.


They’re big, they’re black — and your girlfriend likes them more than she likes yours.


Stories of BDSM in MP3s. Shackled, tormented and teased by a British fantasy fetishist.

Body Worship

Worshiping your Goddess, inch by curvaceous inch.

Erotic Audio

Sexy encounters, and other naughty delights. (The “somewhat vanilla” bin.)


No more penis, no more pants — once you hear BritishGirl’s take on sissification, your masculinity doesn’t stand a chance.

Forced Bisexuality

Please a BritishGirl by pleasing whomever she places before you.


Something wicked this way … ejaculates with delight! Witches, succubi, and ladies bearing fruit abounds in these dark, debaucherous MP3s.


The doctor is in. Medical examinations, experimentation and clinically coaxed ejaculations are all on the slab.

Mock Therapy

Adult mock therapy coaxes out your deepest secrets and fantasies, then only worsens the condition.


Aliens, time travel and star ships will take the second star on the right and go straight on til your groin bursts.


An arousing mixture of audio and photos in video that will leave you tormented, teased, manipulated — and highly pleased.

Small Penis Humiliation

SPH, small penis humiliation, is most definitely a laughing matter — for ladies, that is. For the pseudo man with the half grown penis, it’s an emasculated reality.


WHAP! Slip on some headphones and let these adult audio spanking stories redden that tush.

Used for Sperm

In these stories, the ladies don’t want your cock or your love. Just the sperm, please. Now.

Literary Explorations

Snippets of prose that are sure to make one’s penis pose. (They’re works in progress, and generally don’t rhyme.)

Erotic Audio

Oh, the things you’ll hear! Peruse the MP3 and Slideshow catalogue of Niteflirt’s BritishGirl, Faith O’Shea. The interests are broad, and the broads presented just might destroy you.

Phoning from the Bathtub

Wit and wonder abounds! Saucy observations, naughty chatter, irreverent memes and whispers of what goes on inside a phone sex fantasy maven’s mind.

About Faith O'Shea

Most people are gobsmacked when I reveal what I do. Despite my reserved demeanor and accent, my mind is usually in — or very near to — the gutter. I love dirty limericks and catching a man off guard by asking how large his penis is. The trick, I believe, is in being proper. Being proper, I can get away with so much…

Fetish Fantasy

(<-- On the Clock with No Makeup!)

I love weaving a dark, delicious, ornate web. Being a tele-courtesan who can slip into your mind and toss away your hesitations is a pure joy of mine. Curious if I’m game for your fantasy? Do read more…