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Chat Feature and the Female Demeanor

Chats. It’s something phone ladies differ wildly on.

Some time ago, I’d leave Yahoo Messenger connected whenever I was on the computer. For the most part, clients utilized it to my liking. It was a means of saying a quick hello, briefly inquiring about potential scenarios or finding out what my foreseeable availability would be. Inevitably, though, the other shoe fell. It led me to consider some rules for chatting. Since Niteflirt has unveiled a lovely chat feature, perhaps I should dust off the chiseled stone slab and share with you my Adult Chatting Commandments:

Rule 1) I’m hardly a prude, but chances are if it’s 8am and I’m reading the day’s news while having a bite of breakfast, I probably don’t want the bottom corner of my screen camming a man grossly misusing a hotdog — especially if I’m not being paid even my normal rate. So, then, no pictures nor cam requests sent (though the latter doesn’t apply to the NF chat features) without permission. Potential Brownie Points: If whatever you’re doing in said photos or cam may bear a direct impact on my dinner choices for the next month, a gratuity would be proper form.

Rule 2) I’ve a 90+% request rate. That means when gentlemen have a conversation with me, over 90% will ring me back again at a later date. Sufficed to say, I’m not begging for clients. Nor shall I. This is a point of differing opinion amongst phone ladies. Some feel the chat is a wonderful means of “getting a gentleman to call you”. I say nay. It’s a wonderful means of having a brief chat with a gentleman, whether it be a catching up/checking in, seeing about availability or discussion of a session or recording they have in mind (ie “Here’s a link to a video I’ll be watching during our session within the next hour…”). It is not an opportunity to measure the hoops I’ll leap through to get a man to phone me.

“Oh, you almost have me! I’m really thinking about calling. Tell me more. I’m almost there.”

Then I’m afraid that’s as close as you’re going to get, love.

Rule 3) The chats are not a replacement for sessions. Anyone who has spoken to me should know that I am far, far too verbose to be pecking out a session in a tiny chat window.

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