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 The Erotic Musings, Recordings and Writings of Faith O’Shea, Phone Fantasy Fetishist.

Niteflirt’s BritishGirl

Literary Explorations

Snippets of prose that are sure to make one’s penis pose. (They’re works in progress, and generally don’t rhyme.)

Erotic Audio

Oh, the things you’ll hear! Peruse the MP3 and Slideshow catalogue of Niteflirt’s BritishGirl, Faith O’Shea. The interests are broad, and the broads presented just might destroy you.

Phoning from the Bathtub

Wit and wonder abounds! Saucy observations, naughty chatter, irreverent memes and whispers of what goes on inside a phone sex fantasy maven’s mind.

About Faith O'Shea

Most people are gobsmacked when I reveal what I do. Despite my reserved demeanor and accent, my mind is usually in — or very near to — the gutter. I love dirty limericks and catching a man off guard by asking how large his penis is. The trick, I believe, is in being proper. Being proper, I can get away with so much…

Fetish Fantasy

(<-- On the Clock with No Makeup!)

I love weaving a dark, delicious, ornate web. Being a tele-courtesan who can slip into your mind and toss away your hesitations is a pure joy of mine. Curious if I’m game for your fantasy? Do read more…